Agricultural Loans

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Your goals and needs are our priority

Our lenders are always available to discuss your financial needs.  We are prepared to help you analyze your farming business loan needs for capital expenditures, cash flow needs, and other farming necessities.  

Agricultural Term Loans

Term loans are designed to meet the long-term needs of your farming business.  Equipment financing, capital improvements, and breeding livestock purchases all qualify for term loans of one to five years.  Loans are generally secured by the assets being purchased and financed.

Agricultural Operating Lines of Credit

An operating line of credit provides a funding source for short-term cash flow needs.  When special business opportunities arise, a line of credit enables you to take advantage of those opportunities.  Seasonal cash flow needs such as crop expenses can also be met with a line of credit.  These Lines of Credit are usually pre-approved and available whenever you need it.

Agricultural Real Estate Loans

We offer a variety of short-term and longer-term agricultural real estate loans.  Whether you want to refinance your land contract, purchase additional land, or do some type of expansion in your present operations, we’ll come out to your farm to discuss your plans and the various loan options available.